the concept

Our concept

Our primary school is split into four year-groups. This allows classes to be taught

efficiently and for children to be specifically challenged whenever it is necessary.

We use a methodical curriculum to enable the children to become largely independent learners over the four years in primary school and thus be as well prepared as possible for secondary school (comprehensive community school or grammar school).

This includes introducing the children to independent work, group and project work as well as the ability to present and discuss results.

Here is an overview of our methodical curriculum:

Year 2
Timetable working, independence, structure

Year 3
Exercise cards/Sight words,
Timetable working with free-choice and compulsory tasks, free-choice learning activities

Year 4
Self-marking, workshops, experiments

Year 5
Self-evaluation, presentations

If support is required, we are able to use the support centre at the Astrid-Lindgren-Schule. This is located right next to our school grounds meaning that SEN teachers are on site.

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