the concept

Our secondary school concept

Our comprehensive community school is divided into six year-groups (Years 6–11). Our Year 6 classes are led by teaching teams who are supported by a teaching assistant and an SEN teacher.

Years 7 to 11 are also taught by multi-professional teams consisting of a teaching assistant (only in Year 7), an SEN teacher and a main class teacher. Our Flex Classes are supported by a career guidance coach.

In Years 6 and 7, we pick up on the methods learned at primary school and expanded upon them using a methodical curriculum that has been specially developed for the secondary school. This allows us to create a solid foundation for independent learning and working, and for working towards the ESAs and the MSAs.

Mini Method Year 6

BausteinGermanEnglishMathsGeographyScienceOne-off session
Packing my school bag efficientlyX
Organising my working spaceXXXXX
Keeping my workbook neatXXXXX
Creating a book of rulesXX
Using my timetable wiselyXXXXX
Dictionary workXX
Reading the substitution scheduleX
Keeping a vocab bookX
Telling the timeX
How do I complete a worksheet?X
How can I edit my weekly schedule?X
Adhering to conversational rulesXXX


Mini Method Year 7

BausteinGermanEnglishMathsGeographyScienceOne-off session
Making sensible use of my subjectsX
Organising my homework efficientlyX
Preparing for a testXXXXX
Working techniques during a testX
Creating a mind mapXXXXX
Using the libraryXX
Writing a test reportX
Behaviour on the way to schoolXX
catching up
on missed
subject matter
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